fcpxImageExporter and my 5 minutes of coding fame

A little while ago at Orangutan we had a client ask us to export several hundred frames from a 1 hour video we had produced for them.

We worked in fcpx and manually exporting frames can be quite a task.

So I spent a late afternoon putting together a little app to read fcpxml and use it to export still images based on the markers we had put in the timeline.

I polished it a little more and shared it on the fcp.co forums and over the week the little app had been downloaded over 700 times.

It even got a nice review from Larry Jordan and several retweets from other fcpx pros like Richard Taylor and sites like premiumbeat.com. 

fcpxImageExporter is available over at Orangutan.


La Ruta del Vino

Here it is! Our latest project from Orangutan.

Back in March-April we went down to the Colchagua valley for a 2 week shoot for the Ruta del Vino exploring the process of producing, in my opinion, some of the most incredible wines on the planet.

The actual video is one hour long however we have made it available on YouTube as 6 episodes.

Join host Rodrigo Alcalde as he explores the wine, culture and people of this incredible part of the world!

noticias del huertito del balcón – albahaca y tomates

(in english y spanglish)


About 3 or so weeks ago we pruned/trimmed (i’m forgetting too many english words these days, and unfortunately my spanish isn’t getting much better!) the little branches/stems of the tomato plants to help them produce fruit (that’s the theory) y since a week ago the plants have started to have flowers!

And for many weeks we have been able to cook eggs with fresh basil!

Also something else mildly interesting is that our original box sucks up on average 7 watering cans’ worth of water (i’m guessing the can holds about 3L) a week!

Hace 3 semanas cortamos/podamos muchas de las ramas chicas de las plantas de tomates para ayudarlas a producir frutos (esa es la teoria) y desde hace una semana las plantas comenzaron a tener flores!

Y por muchas semanas he podido a cocinar huevos con albahaca fresca!

Y algo que es un poco interesante también es que nuestra caja original chupa como promedio 7 regaderas/latas de agua cada semana (y estimo que la regadera lleva 3 litros de agua)


Creo que es hora de construir mas cajas auto-regantes!

saturday morning cruise on the new bike

This morning I heading out on my new bicycle to explore Santiago.
After half an hour or so heading east from our place I ended up at a rodeo.

I’m not going to try to pretend that I understood the rules of the games that the Huasos were palying at a rodeo, but I’m guessing it was along the lines of what the Charros were doing when we were up in Zacatecas Mexico – with a system of scoring and heavy rivalry! Will get back there soon with a real camera and  try understand things a little better. Only thing I could see that was missing was the presence of micheladas!


Noticias de la huerta / News from the garden

Continuando desde mi post anterior de nuestro proyecto de la maceta auto-riega…
(perdóname – voy a tratar de escribir en inglés y español)


It seems that the garden is surviving and the little plants are growing!
Most of the soil in the box continues to be moist (good sign that the whole concept is working). When it rained a week ago the excess water drained out through the holes at the bottom of the box as hoped.
In the box we have basil, tomatoes lettuce, chilli and i think i put in some capsicum seeds that we’d saved from the winter (from La Vega market).
We are going to build another box but this time we are going to try to do it a lot cheaper – the bix tubs we bought from a place called Home center and therefore we’re way too pricey ($20 each!).


Nos parece que el jardín está sobreviviendo y las plantitas están creciendo!
La mayoría de la tierra en la caja continua estando mojada. Cuando llovió hace una semana todo el exceso del agua salió por los hoyos (como se esperaba).
Y en la caja hay albahaca, tomates, lechuga, ají y creo que puse semillas de pimentón que habíamos guardado del invierno (de La Vega!).
Vamos a hacer una caja nueva (una amiga nos regaló una platita de frutilla!) pero buscamos materiales más baratos para hacerla.


Planet Kapow 45 : The Santa Cruz Trek

The latest video from our Planet Kapow adventure has arrived!

In this video we take on the Santa Cruz trek in Perú – a 4 day trek that begins a few hours from Huaraz in the town of Cashapampa, and gets you up to about 4750m – a record for all of us at the time.

The trek was an incredible experience and I would really recommend to any who is kind of a little bit fit (really we weren’t) and wants to see the world from up in the Andes.

Lachie as always has a very entertaining read over at Planet Kapow, which is also where you will find the video:

Self watering garden pot/box (maceta con autoriega)

We have quite a bit of space on the balcony which doesn’t get much use. It gets sun from sunrise until a bit after midday (balcony faces east) and so we figured it could be a good opportunity to grow some veges and fruit.

So Carina & I built our own self watering garden pot/box to see if we could get some things to grow.

Inspired by the global bucket guys.

In the end our megapot/box was more expensive for all materials and soil than I was anticipating but on the other hand we have a box that is probably 5-6 times larger than what you get with the global bucket instructions.q

I am hoping that we used the right type of soil – the instructions required that the soil be potting mix that contained dolomite (i think i read that this reduces acidity in the soil and helps with the process of “wicking” (capillary action)).

Let’s see what grows!

Some pics: