Need to prepare some subtitles for a video you are working on?

Need to log your media and don’t want to jump back and forth between QuickTime player and a text editor?
Wish there was an easy way to get your logging info into Final Cut Pro?

Well, hopefully SubIt can ease your pain!


SubIt 1.3 now available!

  • bug fixes
  • susbtitle editor enhancements


* ability to preview titles/text over video
* title/action safe guides (including 4×3 safe)
* ability to select QT tracks such as timecode
* select font/style/size for export

subit (940 downloads)


The basics:
Open your QT
Hit play
Mark an ‘in point’ – Either hit the “MarkIN” button or the ‘i’ key
Mark an ‘in point’ – Either hit the “MarkOUT” button or the ‘o’ key
Then enter the text for the subtitle/logging
Then either hit “Apple S” or the “Add/Save” button to create the entry. (This will generate a ‘.subit’ file in the same location as your video.)
If you want to edit one of the cells just double click it and type away.
When you are finished select what format you would like to export as and hit “Export”.

Overlapping Subtitles
There are now 2 quick ‘cleanup’ buttons in case you end up with overlapping timecode in your subtitles/logging.
“Cleanup Row” – select a single row an hit this button – SubIt will adjust the In & Out points to accommodate for the overlap
“Cleanup All Rows” – Cleanup Row up ‘en masse’

Non-ASCII text support
You should now be able to use all your keyboard. 😉


**Let me know what you would like to see in SubIt!

System Requirements
currently requires Mac OSX 10.5

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developed using Objective-C and xCode

28 thoughts on “SubIt”

  1. What are the system requirements for this? I’m unable to launch (crashes) on 10.4.11, PPC, dual 2.0 GHz G5, 3.5 GB RAM, QT 7.5.5. Tried to open DV/DVCPRO NTSC and ProRes. Thanks!

  2. @ericnp – thanks for checking out SubIt. It looks like I have been developing this not knowing it only runs in 10.5. Damn!
    I’ll see what I can do to get it to run in 10.4

  3. If you use characters like åäöÅÄÖ you get a error:

    (UnicodeEncodeError: ‘ascii’ codec can’t encode character u’\xe4′ in position 30: ordinal not in range(128))

  4. Next Release of SubIt:

    Ability to “fix/correct” overlapping timecode of Subtitles
    support for Unicode characters
    Export seperate XML files for subtitles or logging – will create either an XML file for subtitle “Text Generators” or “Offline Clips” for logging.

    Possibility of:
    support for font selection and styling.
    the SubIt file format changing to XML format.
    support for Mac OSX 10.4

  5. Thanks for the App! There aren’t many inteligent subtitling apps out there. This one seems to be simple and working, at least on the right track.

    Nevertheless additions I’d like to see to make it workable are the ability of choosing the QT timecode (I’m working with RedOne renders and I’d like to see the TOD time code as I see it on the QT file when I open it there. I’d like also to see the actual subtitles superimposed on the image or under it to see if the timing is correct without having to go in FCP.


  6. Hi Carlo, thanks a lot for posting – it’s great to get some feedback!

    Great ideas.
    The TOD TC was something I had looked into and will continue to look into, as well as any timecode tracks a QuickTime file might have.
    The idea of a preview is also cool – not sure how soon I could get that going but will look into it.

    Cheers Carlo!


  7. Hi Adam,

    Thanks for creating the Subit. It’s simple and easy to use, no need to over complicate things as some other subtitling softwares tend to do. As already mentioned, I would also welcome the video preview of the subtitles. That is a must for the correct timing. Since I exported to XML – it took ages for the FCP to render, is it my machine or is the file too big? Also one more thing I was missing was the second line of the subtitles or automatic split of line after the text got out of the frame. Apart from that, great work!

    1. @Jana – thanks a lot for downloading it and using SubIt!

      I am currently rewriting SubIt which will eventually mean we will be able to preview our titles in the app.

      XML – the title generator that is used is the built “Lower Thirds” generator in FCP (could be a heavy render). I hope to eventually allow for SubIt users to select the font/styling as they key in their titles.

      Stay tuned 🙂

  8. Very promising little app. Previews is a must though and the ability to import existing subtitles from other sources (xml for example) would be great.
    Keep on the work.

  9. Thanks for your thoughts Alex. I am currently working on the previewing using the tools in Quartz Composer. Should be pretty nifty when it’s all working.
    I think I will have a new release of SubIt up within a few weeks – I am currently traveling.

  10. Hi Adam,

    I love this app, I’ve trying today Jubler (I couldn’t get it to work), Subs Factory (horribly complicated) and Subbits which by the way costs 169 € and is a pain in the ass.

    I have been able to start using your app within 1 minute, super easy, super intuitive, super practical and works perfectly with DVD Studio Pro… Amazing!!

    Keep on the good work and please, SELL IT!! so that you can earn enough money to keep on developing.


    1. Hey Mario!

      Thank you very much for your positive feedback!

      Let me know if you run into any bugs or general wackiness, and most importantly let me know what you would like to see in SubIt.

      I’ll have a new release out soon.


  11. just tried the current version – worked perfectly – superb app! I am running OS 10.6 and FCP 7.01. Looking forward to the new release – hurry up will you!

  12. One problem is the subit screen disappears when you select another app – say to cut and paste text – the subit window cannot exist alongside other windows, so this delays cut and paste. This seems a small point, but it costs time to find the subit app again.

  13. So I found a major problem that caused me to lose hours of work – I discovered I cannot open a subit file with subit – error: “SubIt cannot open files in the “subit” format”. Now this is strange – it means I cannot take a break or if the Mac crashes I lose all my work, even though I keep hitting the save button in subit.
    Am I missing something – is there a workaround? Thanks hope to resolve this as I need this app for a lot of work.

  14. 1.2 is not working unfortunately. I am on 10.6.2. It opened the first time use but would not save the text and now it just crashes on opening.

  15. Adam,

    this is a lifesaver. I am preparing INTL titles for broadcast, and I don’t want to use some crazy windows scripting. I hope you can continue work.

  16. Hey Adam, nice work! You should release it to the App Store. 🙂
    I bet people like the deployment and willing to pay a few bucks to cover your developer account fee.

  17. Hey Bartman! That’s a cool idea, need to iron out some bugs and get on top of the performance of it a bit I think – got some new “features” i put in the other day, so yeah I guess it could be sellable.

    Have been tempted to dabble in some iPhone dev yet???

  18. Great piece of software! Keep the good work and thanks! Do you know if this also works with Premiere?

    PS: I would love to be able to import .srt files.

  19. Hey Romain!

    Thanks a lot for your feedback – SubIt needs a new release. The ability to export to fcpx might be popular too.
    SRT import – sure!

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