FCPXImageExporter – bulk export stills from Final Cut Pro X

Need to export lots of images from your edit but don’t want to sit there manually doing it?

Well simply drop markers in your fcpx timeline, export an fcpxml file, and fcpxImageExporter will do the rest!

Version 1.0 of fcpxImageExporter simply sources the material that is in the timeline and exports those frames that are marked with markers. So unfortunately at the moment any effects etc.. and generators that are applied will not appear. Also the output size of the image at the moment is the original material’s res.

Check out Larry Jordan’s review of fcpxImageExporter!

Also there has been a fair amount of activity over as fcp.co.

DOWNLOAD v1.1.3 fcpxImageExporter (82 downloads)

DOWNLOAD v1.1.2 fcpxImageExporter (82 downloads)


v1.1.3 – addresses changes to version fcpxml v1.8

v1.1.2 – temporary file system access added (required by Apple’s sandboxing security feature)

v1.1.0 released!

v1.1.0 (build 4) – improvements working with retimed clips (or clips with different frame rates), and multiple lanes (tracks). Added the ability to create directories.

v1.0.9 (build 4) – more issues fixed, more to come!

v1.0.9 – issues fixed, better support for handling of clips with timecode offsets

v1.0.8 -support for Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks), user alert when a file or destination directory hasn’t been selected

v1.0.7 – fixed a bug when the app would crash on load or reading an xml file. Added the ability to resize the window to read the full path of the files.

v1.0.6 – no longer exports markers from inside compound clips, other errors resolved

v1.0.5 – only exports images based on viewable markers, updated interface, custom filenames, stability, export log (drawer)

v1.0.3 – deployed for Mac OS X 10.7, ability to select files/directories via NSOpenPanel,

v1.0.2 – fixed issue with filepaths containing whitespaces

v1.0.1 has been released to squash an issue with media containing a timecode track. Hopefully this helps!


Simple to use:

Drag and drop your fcpxml file to the icon in the window.

Drag and drop a destination directory for the images to be exported to.

fcpxImageExporter will take you to the directory once the images have been exported.


export formats: JPG, PNG, TIFF