Chilenismos for iOS

An iOS iPhone app that lets you browse, search and learn Chilean slang and expressions. Your new best friend in understanding what Chilean folks are saying.

Chilean slang. Right in your pocket.

"Agarrar papa, subir por el chorro, cachuchazo, huevear, flaite, cuico, filo, patas negras…" Chilean spanish is full of slang!

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One thought on “Chilenismos for iOS”

  1. Hi !
    Seems like the exporter does not work with FS5 rushes, should I transcode them or not.
    I’m running FCPX 10.6 on an M1 Mac Mini. The exporter did just fine with some A7s3 rushes of the same project.

    Can you help me out with this please ?

    Thanks !

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