Alvin Youngblood Heart @ Corner Hotel

last night Lisa & I went to see Alvin Youngblood Heart (from Memphis, Tenessee USA) playing at the Corner hotel in Richmond.

He played some amazing stuff and it was a great opportunity to see a “authentic” blues guy from the states.
He brought along a 12 string and some smaller sized guitar (which sounded awesome!)
Fiona Boyes was playing when we got there and she was pretty awesome – I’ve never seen a chick play rag/fingerpicking tunes like that!

The only neg of the night was the last song – Fiona Boyes (I think that’s her name) and some other guy (who we missed at the start of the show) jammed out a traditional blues (some old Tampa Red song i think) – and it just sounded average!
I would have preferred Alvin on his own to finish off.

And the quote some guy of some random webpage:
“The real shit.” (Joe Louis Walker, Verve Recording Artist)

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