2 thoughts on “ALL Eastern Europe Adventure 2005 – now on viddler.com”

  1. Amazing Videos! You have inspired me with your style of quick shooting to share your story. I watched every second and really felt like I got to experience your trip.

    Question: why the dark edges?

    PS. hope you don’t mind I time tagged your videos, 😉

  2. Hey Rob!

    Thanks a lot for checking out the clip! Thanks also for your kind words!

    It’s great being able to travel with a pocket camera these days and grab shots so easily and then make it available to people with a great site like viddler.com.

    Dark edges – the “vignette”? Ah just to try give it a bit of a look & cover up the plain iamge from the digital photo camera. I think originally i was going to give it a Super8 look but never got around to making it look like itwas shot at a lower framerate etc… 🙂

    Time tagging is awesome – glad you did!

    Thanks a lot Rob!


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