Geeeeeeeeez that year went quickly!

What a great night last night, Dad & Cheryl organised a boat trip for 4 hours on the Hong Kong harbour.
It was amazing!
P1070823 P1070827

P1070806 P1070809 P1070786 P1070773 P1070767 P1070768 P1070819 P1070817 P1070815 P1070820 P1070834

P1070784 P1070804 P1070779

P1070766 P1070767 P1070768 P1070773 P1070778 P1070779 P1070781 P1070782 P1070783 P1070784 P1070786 P1070787 P1070788 P1070789 P1070791 P1070792 P1070793 P1070797 P1070798 P1070800 P1070801 P1070804 P1070806 P1070807 P1070808 P1070809 P1070810 P1070815 P1070817 P1070819

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