I am suffering a tremendous hangover after an awesome night out to ‘celebrate’ me turning 26. Actually it was more like 2 nights.

26 years old

26 years old - suprise bday cake action at finito

On the night of 3rd – bday eve – I went out with Jeab, Mono and Salvo to Tuba and Y50 for a bit of a night. Everytime I go to Y50 I always realise how awesome a place it is. Jeab was cool, she sneakily got the band to play a happy bday at midnight – cheers Jeab!

tuba - jeab, me, mono

26 years old

Last night was a cracker, and as I said I am paying for it now. Actually I didn’t pay for a thing last night, the chaps were super generous and took me out. The gang included Michael, Ben, Chum, Dicky, Barto, Paul & Tim. Some of us made it to Soi Cowboy and that was about the point where I cant remember a lot! Thanks a lot guys it was a kickass night!

26 years old - Michael, Ben, Dickey 26 years old 26 years old - Ben

26 years old  - Barto 26 years old - Pi Chum 26 years old - suprise bday cake action at finito

The cake was amazing

I am realising i am now 4 years away from 30! It’s starting to get a bit serious.

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  1. Happy Birthday big fella! You look shockingly worse for wear in the first pic. You think thats bad, imagine the hangover you’ll have when 30 rolls around, that is if your liver is still in one piece.


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