2008 first impressions

The last 2-3 weeks have been awesome, 1 week skiing in France over xmas and seeing good mates, a few days over nye with good mates from work, catching up wit my best mate from high school (Cezza!), a bunch of cool projects coming up at work, 2008 seems off to a great start.

New years resolution/s (in no particular order)

  • Not be a stress head
  • travel more of asia seeing as I live in the middle of it
  • save some money
  • try to play guitar live at least once in this year and try to jam with some people
  • find another nice girl who can stand my terrible jokes and stories without an ending/punchline.
  • get better at speaking Thai
  • keep in contact with people (now that I almost have an internet connection 🙂 )
  • get a few more clips up one youtube
  • get a “Heroes-like” going in Thailand (how kickass would that be over Thai dramas!)
  • be less of a lazy ass
  • take more photos
  • not work on sundays
  • Yeah I just got an account with True to get “high speed” internet at my apartment. I cruised (I am a cruiser) over to Fortune Plaza next to Rama 4 with Kuhn Mai to pickup an ADSL modem and an Apple Airport Extreme. Well I got the airport extreme (3000 baht – good price i think) but I stupidly bought an Dlink ADSL router, not a modem/router! errr. Simple mistake maybe, but I made this same mistake years ago in sydney. So tomorrow I have to try get back to Fortune (probably not as cruisy as I did today) and see if they will let me swap it for the correct gear.

    It’s nearly 2am and I am waiting around to help Jeabby convert 500GB of HD TIFF sequences into PAL for offline. This might take a while….

    Happy new year!

    me on set
    (on set for 2 days – with a petrol powered fan the size of a small helicopter! – fan photos to come soon)

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