2005 – What a ride so far!

Hey hey hey!!!

I havent posted for quite some time for some many reasons/excuses. Mainly I have been moving around the south east asia quite a bit in the past few months. Well not really. I went to Hong Kong and Malaysia (Borneo) over xmas/NYE, and then went back to Sydney for 2 weeks and then went to New Zealand (Auckland) for a gig on Hallmark/HBO’s telemovie “Hercules” – being posted at Photon VFX New Zealand. It’s been a great experience so far.

Oh yeah, I left Emerald City Design at the end of 2004 in seek of something new and try to get around the globe as much as I can before I get too old and poor to do so!

I have put up quite a few photos from the passed few months

Since i’ve been in NZ I have managed to escape the metropolis and make our way out of town. “Our?” you ask?? – yes. Lisa (my girly) made a surprise visit to the Photon office and hung about for 10 days – ’twas magic. We went down to Rotorua and checked boiling mud and did a spot of white water rafting (grade 5).

I have about 1-2weeks left on this gig at Photon, after that I am off to Sydney then to Byron Bay to checkout Bluesfest!

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