2004 near end…

I’ve had a cool few days. We finished the music video Delta Goodrem’s track “Mistaken Identity” we were working on Emerald. 190+ shots comped in about 4 days. pretty good effort i think. Also Emerald’s website has been updated and is so much better! check it out.

We got drunk at lunch on friday. 6 pints of Kilkenny later i was with Eric, Chris G and Lindsay at another pub in Surrey Hills, the Cricketer’s Arms. I was very ON FIRE at this point and I made it my duty to find appropriate chicks for my single mates! I discovered the best way to meet people. I got a sketch book from work and went up to groups of people and said “hey guys, can anyone here draw me a picture of someone being invited to a 3some?!” (i have no idea where that idea came from – i think someone must have suggested it!) People loved it! Anyway, that idea took me through the night until 4.30am (quite an achievement considering i normally crash out at 11pm or so!). By the end of the night I got a french chick talking to Hugh and he was loving it! But he didn’t get her phone number though! I bumped into my friend Scott too, it was good to see him.

I wont be going on a bender for while! It was so much fun meeting all these cool people that night and trying to get people hooked up!

I spent yesterday talking to the grass and in bed, but managed to get over to James’s BBQ near mosman – we played cricket. I had some champagne and decided i am not drinking for a while!

Some photos from the day at James and Nicola’s place

Also some more photos from the world trip (Czeck Republic):



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