1 week of counting sheep left

1 week to go in sunny Auckland, the job is getting a little faster paced, and i am getting a little “home” sick. “home’ – because i actually dont physically have a home anywhere. “home’ – sydney (where my girly is and many of my friends are).

Lisa has been tossing up the idea of moving to Los Angeles, but I have come up with a much cooler idea (yeah right!) of going to the UK. So lets see where that takes us!

Me/work – not sure whats up ahead. Photon has some mroe work coming up. But was thinking of doing something a little different and going fruit picking in Queensland (Australia) – something I haven’t done before and really dont know how hard it would be – but i think it would be good to be outside for a change and get a bit of sun – rather than the amazing computer screen tan i have going!

The weekend ahead has installed for me ……. work! woohoo! but 1 week to go so I better put the effort in. Still a lot to do but maybe i am starting to see a little light at the end of the tunnel.

I just realised i just typed this blog without looking at the keyboard (my typing skills suck!).

Have a glorious weekend!

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